My Brother VinnyFrequently Asked Questions

What is MyBrotherVinny?

My Brother Vinny is a NYS 501c3 non-profit charitable organization that organize and distribute food, clothing and furniture to US Veterans, outreach groups, shelters and families in need in Westchester County/neighboring vicinities.


Who is the founder of MyBrotherVinny?

The founder of MyBrotherVinny is Paula Miritello. The program was established by her with the passing of her brother Vinny or Vincent Miritello.


What is the mission of MyBrotherVinny?

Our motto "Helping mankind one good deed at a time" is what we strive to live for and we focus on providing the emotionally, mentally and physically disabled with a piece of happiness in their everyday lives. Every event we do has a benefit towards helping others and getting people involved.


What items does MyBrotherVinny need donated?

MyBrotherVinny is always accepting donations, at times particular items are more needed than others but we are accepting things around the clock to help out the community. We also appreciate any funds that are donated to our program, we are a charity and can only make miracles happen with the help of the people.


How can I donate?

You can donate money by clicking the paypal link at the bottom of each page or you can Click Here to learn more about the items MyBrotherVinny is currently in need of.


Where can I drop off items for donation?



How can I found out more about Programs & Events?

MyBrotherVinny keeps an on-site list of all of our programs here. To learn more about our events and what is happening in the near future click here.
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How does MyBrotherVinny fund its programs?

MyBrotherVinny funds most of its programs through the help of its followers. We also host events to earn money to buy things such as a Van to help assist in moving our veterans.


How can I contact MyBrotherVinny?

To contact MyBrotherVinny you can either click here to be redirected to our contact form. Or go to the bottom of any page to locate our phone number.


How can I learn more about Vinny? has a page dedicated to Vinny which can be accessed here.