My Brother Vinny Veterans - HUD VASH
We have supported over 2450 U.S. Veterans since June, 2013

My Brother Vinny coordinates through the VA Montrose with Veterans that have been selected for the HUD-VASH (Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing Program of Supporting Housing Program).  Since June 2013, we have been assigned over 2450 US Veterans that we currently have assisted or will assist with their moves. When we say moves we provide all of the items needed to start over through community support and donation. All of the US Veterans that we assist come from many different branches of military service and with varied degrees of disabilities and hardships. These Veterans although homeless are left with a deep sense of pride and have welcomed our support and services because we do not offer a handout we offer our hand in friendship and support.  Many Veterans are reliant on community service groups now to assist them and I believe we offer a unique service in our support we give to the Veterans.  We do not charge the Veterans anything and on many occasions give them complete moves on the 1st day they have a key for their home.   Our very first Veteran told me you will have your own Army now and we will help you in any way possible and it cannot be any truer. The Veterans have volunteered to help with other stages of My Brother Vinny community service work, helped us move other Veterans and look forward to future work we will do together to help others.

Through community support we collect and provide household items, kitchen utensils, kitchen tables, chairs, sofa, beds, linens, dish sets, toiletries, etc.  The HUD-VASH voucher provides permanent housing for eligible homeless Veterans who are single or eligible homeless Veterans with families. The program is developed for the homeless Veteran, so eligible Veteran families must include the Veteran.

If you are interested in donating furniture please send an email to You must include a photo of item you wish to donate, description, estimate time needed to remove and location.

We are a volunteer organization and rely on donations of tangible items and funding to provide our Veteran moves. We do not charge the Veterans and have become the only resource that provides all of the items we supply in one resource. 

We rely on rentals to perform our services and coordination with volunteers. We require a large level of storage, fuel, rentals, supplies that enable our organization to run properly. Please make a donation to My Brother Vinny today and support our services.